E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Legal Protection for Parties in the Sale of Preloved Goods in Indonesia

Author(s): Ratna Nabila Nur Laili, Zulfan Thariq Muhammad, Ratih Yulistiya Rahman


Trade is an activity of goods and services transactions with the aim of transferring rights over goods and services to obtain rewards or compensation. Transactions in trade must be in accordance with what is mandated by the law that regulates them. Buying and selling used or preloved goods is a form of transaction that is mostly carried out by modern society. This study discusses legal protection for parties in buying and selling preloved goods in Indonesia. This study aims to analyze the position of the parties in the sale and purchase of preloved goods according to positive law in Indonesia, including the responsibilities and rights and obligations of the parties in the sale and purchase of preloved goods. This type of research uses a normative juridical method that emphasizes the analysis of legal theories and laws and regulations that are still valid. The data obtained from this research is secondary data obtained through library research, then the data obtained is analyzed qualitatively through legal and conceptual approaches. The results of the study show that the position of the parties in the buying and selling of preloved goods is one party as a seller acting as a business actor, and the other party as a buyer acting as a consumer. The rules regarding the rights and obligations attached to the parties are regulated in Law no. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection, and the implementation of buying and selling activities using the Civil Code as the legal basis.

Keywords: Legal Protection, Rights and Obligations, Preloved

Pages: 901-905

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