E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Ethical Leadership and Perceived Work Performance among Employees of Various Fast-Food Chain in Noveleta

Author(s): Cale Patrick Marvin R, Lazaro Bryan Louis G, Anonuevo Emie Rose C, Villanueva Myka Mariel C


This sequential explanatory research design entitled Ethical Leadership and work performance of various fast-food chain in Noveleta: a sequential Explanatory Study aims to (1) identify the level of ethical leadership of various fast-food chains business; (2) determine the level of work performance of the employees; (3) analyze the significant correlation between ethical leadership (EL) and work performance (WP). Thirty (30) employees were selected from different fast-food chains through purposive sampling and will be the respondents for quantitative phase of this study. In qualitative phase, on the other hand, the researcher will use ten (10) respondents.

This study is divided into two phases. The quantitative phase and qualitative phase. The quantitative phase will use IBM SPSS to analyze the level of ethical leadership, work performance, and its significant correlation. The second phase was qualitative, using thematic analysis the data will undergo coding and themes to give more evidence to the study.

The findings of the study shows that the fast-food chain business who practice ethical leadership (ethics prioritization, communicating expectation for ethical practice, ethical decision making, support local ethics program) which helps to boost the work performance (skill/ability, work experience, and work motivation) of their employees. In conclusion, the business that practice ethical leadership enhances work performance of the employees and improves the company’s overall performance.

Keywords: Leadership, Fast-Food Chain, IBM SPSS, Noveleta

Pages: 830-836

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