E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Histological Effect of Orlistat on the Testes in the Male Rats Rattus Rattus

Author(s): Dhamya Kadhim Sarhan, Ali Hassan Abood


Obesity is one of the common diseases of the era, which spread strongly in our life. The development of science led to the find out of many Drugs, the purpose of which was to find the optimal treatment to get rid of excess weight for humans, and through scientific follow-ups, it was seen that anti-obesity treatments (which are many types) It has many side effects, and in most cases, it appears suddenly without calculating the effect. In this research, the anti-obesity drug Orlistat was studied, done on 25 rats in which obesity was induced by feeding them high-fat Diet(HFD), where the rats were divided into five groups (10=negative control group in30 and 60 days),(10 positive control group were feeding HFD only in 30 and 60 days 60 days),(10 = were oral administration with orlistat 50 mg / kg /day in30 and 60 days),(10= were oral administration with orlistat 100 mg /kg /day in 30 and 60 days),(10= were oral administration with orlistat 150 mg /kg /day in period30 and 60 days).studied the initial body weight and final body weight, also in this present study examine the relative organ weight(testes) then examined the histological and physiological effect on tests as an important organ for production. Results revealed significant decrease in final body weight and relative weight of tests in treated rats with orlistat compared with negative control and (HFD) group, histological study show pathological change were observed and this is increased with increase in concentration of orlistat, the conc. 150 mg /kg /day was more efficient as compared with negative control group and positive control group (HFD).

Keywords: Orlistat, Obesity, Testes, Necrosis

Pages: 563-568

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