E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Contribution in the Improvement of Cocoa Bean Fermentation by using a Starter Microbial from Three Strains

Author(s): Theodore Fred Hiag, Henri Steve Olugu Voundi, James Ngotom Kamen, Emile Minyaka, Marlyse Solange Leng, Robert Ndjouenkeu


Fermentation of cocoa beans is a critical quality control point because of aroma precursor’s generation. Control fermentation as a practice to limit the quality variability of spontaneous fermentation was undertaken. Three strains of microorganisms namely Saccharomyces sp., Lactobacillus sp and acetobacter sp, were tested as starter culture during fermentation of Trinitario cocoa variety. Beans were carefully mixed with starter culture containing Saccharomyces sp. (0.75x108 cells), Lactobacillus sp. (0.45x75x108 cells) and acetobacter sp (0.3 x108 cells), box fermented and dried. Modification in temperature and pH were measured by using standards instruments. Physical quality assessment of sun-dried cocoa beans was record according to standards. Results show that pH and fermentation index meet the standards. Fermentation time was reduced to 3 days but mass beans temperature did not meet standards values even though cocoa beans were classified as ‘‘good fermented’’. Despite these preliminary encouraging trials, further studies need to be done in order to use this starter during traditional fermentation.

Keywords: Quality, Cocoa Bean, Starter, Microorganisms, Control Fermentation

Pages: 74-77

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