E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 3, 2023

Technical, Technological and Operational Feasibility of FTTH in Afghanistan

Author(s): Akmal Elam, Abdul Wahab Elam


Many scholars have given comparative analysis and unbiased opinions and arguments to prove that FTTX and specifically, FTTH is a better discussing the security, technological reliability, speed and ease of access. On a contrary, scholars have also discussed the challenges FTTH may have during or after the implementation phase. This research discusses the exact scenarios and feasibility of FTTH in Afghanistan, its progress through the span of republic government, the challenges and proposed solutions. FTTH can enhance the demanding needs of today’s internet usage, cloud computing, IPTV, HDTV, Video and Voice communications, however, the population of Afghanistan can hardly afford ADSL, which is broadly used now. In order to enable the population to switch to FTTH, as well as, in order for the government to address the challenges of the implementation of FTTH, a detailed literature has been cited from all over the world and has been put together to address the challenges and make FTTH feasible in Afghanistan. On the other side, the technical and technological advantages of FTTH have been discussed and a technical and financial comparative analysis has been presented to support the findings and conclusion of the research.

Keywords: FTTX, FTTH, OFC in Afghanistan, FTTH in Afghanistan, Feasibility of FTTH in Afghanistan

Pages: 58-63

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