E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Road Mass Transit Management and Customer’s Satisfaction: A Study on Peace Mass Transit (PMT) Port Harcourt

Author(s): Ibiama Kenneth Adonye, Nwankwoala Smart Chimaeze, Ibiama Victoria Adonye, Pepple Margaret Sotonye


Mass traffic on roads was viewed by researchers as essential to a developed economy or to a developing economy. Road Mass transit is considered the engine of the economy. Although directly or indirectly linking producers, suppliers, consumers and commuters, a poor, ineffective and efficient mass road transport system undermines the development and collapse of many economic and social activities. This is characterized by poor management that has resulted in loss of life and property, including financially unquantifiable damage. The researchers used primary and secondary data sources in this study, used questionnaires as data collection tools, presented data in tables, and used simple percentages to analyse the data obtained. Research has shown that, among other things, mass traffic on roads is very important for the movement of goods and people. Inefficient roads across the country make commuting unpleasant. Lack of maintenance culture by car owners invariably leads to vehicle breakdowns and poor performance, leading to customer dissatisfaction. Researchers have found that commuters who constantly use roads and vehicles for economic activity, satisfying drivers who use vehicles, building good roads to cope with conditions, regular maintenance of vehicles, and improving quality. It is recommended that the provision of high after-sales service is necessary. Roads can be improved by: Regular workshops on road use.

Keywords: Road Mass Transit, Commuters, Satisfaction, Management

Pages: 1002-1005

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