E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Sickle Cell Disease in Southeast Zone of Gabon a Central African Country: A Socio-Economic Study

Author(s): Delicat-Loembet LM, Orango Bourdette JO, Rotimbo Mbourou DR, Bisvigou Ulrich, Omengue DF, N'Tchoreret OA, Mabiala Nno AD, Ngombi Pemba LP, Nieguitsila A, Avoune Eveline, Nzaou Mouiri AG, Nzue Nguema J, Adechina KH, Alame Martin, Okomo Minko B, Sono Djiaboueni LE, Afouda-Hounton CO, Loembet Regis P, Manuella Bondo, Mba Aki T, Makanga JB, Koko Jean, Ategbo Simon, NGO SCDOGa members


More than 120 million people worldwide carry the sickle cell trait, and an estimated 500,000 children are born each year with sickle cell disease. This pathology makes no distinction of social class, and its expression is dependent on the presence of the "S" allele in both members of a couple. The aim of this program is to raise awareness about sickle cell disease; to evaluate the level of knowledge and care of sickle cell patients, the level of income of households affected by sickle cell disease and the different needs of sickle cell patients. A series of survey were conducted in the field in each household in the Franceville city council. The data was recorded on WampServer and repatriated on an Excel file, and statistical analysis was performed by R software (version 4.2.1) and its environment RStudio (version 1.1.445). A total of 2777 households responded to our survey. Mothers have a better knowledge of the disease than fathers. Mothers screen more children than fathers and mothers with SS or SC status screen less than other mothers. The number of children screened at birth appears to be associated with income. Households with the lowest incomes screen more of their children, with 87% screening all their children. The population of Franceville was found to be poor overall, with a monthly income of less than 150,000. However, there was no correlation between monthly income and sickle cell disease screening and between monthly income and having a sickle cell child.

Keywords: Sickle Cell Disease, Gabon, SCDOGa, Screening, Socioeconomic Status

Pages: 942-949

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