E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Challenges and the Way Forward in the Value Chain of Forage Technologies Production and Marketing in SNNPR, Ethiopia: A Review Paper

Author(s): Tizazu Toma


Lots of forage technologies have been introduced and disseminated in almost all Zones and woredas of SNNPR region by zonal and wereda agriculture offices, Southern Agricultural Research Institute (SARI), Universities, other GOs and NGOs. In the process, various challenges were encountered by the value chain actors in different stage. This review work is aimed to indicate these challenges along the value chain and the way forward suggested to tackle the challenges. The result indicated that challenges on input supply such as lack of needed forage technologies, unfair distribution; Challenges on Production such as limited training and extension contact; Challenges on marketing such as Low market demand and lack of Market information were among the main challenges identified along forage value chain of Ethiopia. Increased supply of diversified types of improved forage materials and bringing them up to the farm get; fair distribution of the materials; linking forage producer farmers to cooperatives/unions engaged in forage materials sale, livestock fattening, and private investors with large dairy farms; and strengthening extension services were among the way forward suggested along the value chain to improve forage production and productivity.

Keywords: Forage Technologies, Challenges, Value Chain, Review

Pages: 798-799

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