E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Product Policy Comparison for FamilyMart and CircleK in VN

Author(s): Nguyen Thi Le Hoa, Huynh Thi Chau Ai, Phan Thi Chieu My


Both FamilyMart and Circle K are convenience store chains in Vietnam that offer a variety of products to customers. However, there are some differences in their product policies: 1. Product Quality: FamilyMart focuses on offering high-quality products, including organic, natural, and health-related items. In contrast, Circle K doesn't emphasize quality to the same extent, though they do invest in developing exclusive products. 2. Green Products: FamilyMart has a significant focus on providing green or eco-friendly products such as those made from safe, close-to-nature materials. Circle K is expanding its green product offerings but it's not a priority. 3. Technology: Both FamilyMart and Circle K have placed high importance on integrating technology into their product policies. They offer services such as mobile payment and home delivery, and both brands have developed mobile apps to facilitate customer purchases. 4. Branding: FamilyMart has positioned itself as a provider of healthy and high-quality products, while Circle K emphasizes the convenience of its products and services. Circle K also partners with well-known brands to offer exclusive, upscale products. Overall, while both brands are quite similar in terms of the range of products they offer, FamilyMart places a more significant emphasis on health and product quality, while Circle K emphasizes the convenience and exclusivity of its products.

Keywords: Product, Familymart, CircleK, Vietnam, Policies, Comparisons

Pages: 446-454

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