E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Red Color Presentation in Shakespeare’s Macbeth: Figurative and Pragmatic Study

Author(s): Abdallah Sadan Alzahrani


One of the best tragedies, Macbeth is renowned for its creative consistency and compelling dramatic action. The fascination in the tragedy of Macbeth is the crime committed by a person whose extraordinary mental abilities, incredible bravery, and artistic imagination elevate the villainies above simple malice and provides the setting for an extraterrestrial clash of ideas and images. This study tries to highlight the use of color in Shakespeare's Macbeth while analyzing figurative language and pragmatic indications. This study comes to the conclusion that this work reflects Macbeth's mental state, his horror, and his fear. The phrase "bloody and invisible hand" brings to mind the moment Macbeth realizes his crime: "bloody," and the sense that it is not being seen, "invisible." It is expressed through the recollection of a specific time period, twilight, when darkness is actively destroying and obliterating the day. It signifies that the world of evil will soon take control of it; "light thickens." This study also concludes that figurative language was presented in all red color and blood presentation of Macbeth. In addition, it is found that each presentation has a specific indication. Further studies are recommended in this regard to identify other color presentations in such plays and/or novels.

Keywords: Red Color, Blood, Macbeth, Figurative Language, Color Indications

Pages: 379-383

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