E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Work-Related Physical Violence Incidents among Nurses in the Banda Aceh Region

Author(s): Cut Kharissa, Ardia Putra, Yuswardi, Muhammad Yusuf, Andara Maurissa


Background: Workplace violence is a global phenomenon and problem that can affect the healthcare system. Health workers, especially nurses, are a vulnerable population in the face of any act of violence. Acts of violence are usually in the form of physical violence perpetrated by the patient and the patient's family. Nurses consider incidents of violence to be part of the work routine to minimize problems at work. The Lack of nurse contributions in reporting, hospital management policies, and support from nursing professional organizations can affect physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and social development. This study aimed to describe incidents of physical violence by nurses working in the work area of Banda Aceh.

Methods: This study uses a descriptive method with a cross-sectional study approach. The population of this study was 4.131 registered nurses as a member of the PPNI in Banda Aceh City. The sample of this study was 172 nurses using the snowball sampling method. The data collection used the Workplace Violence Health Sector Bahasa Version (WPVHS_B) questionnaire.

Results: Nurses had not experienced physical violence during the last 12 months, but as many as 12 (7%) nurses witnessed physical violence, and 5 (2.9%) nurses reported incidents of physical violence.

Recommendations: Nursing professional organizations are expected to be able to provide information, policies, and training about workplace violence as early anticipation and treatment in reducing acts of violence in the workplace.

Keywords: Workplace Violence, Physical Violence, Nurse, Nursing

Pages: 353-355

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