E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 3, Issue 2, 2023

Prevalence of Alcohol Consumption and its Associations in Gezira State, Sudan, Results Form 2017-2020 Steps Survey

Author(s): Suleiman Elgorashi, Magda Elhadi, Moawya Elbalal, Moawya Ahmed



The WHO say that Alcohol abuse is responsible for 5.9% of all deaths worldwide, or 3.3 million deaths each year. More than 200 illness and injury disorders are caused by alcohol. According to disability-adjusted life years, alcohol is responsible for 5.1% of the worldwide burden of disease and injury (DALYs). Various studies investigated the prevalence and association of alcohol consumption in Sudan, but few studies reported Gezira state.


To determine the magnitude of alcohol consumption and its association in Gezira state, Sudan.


Using the WHO STEPwise approach to chronic disease risk factor surveillance, a population-based, cross-sectional, multi-stage clustered sample survey was conducted in 2017-2020 on 648 participants aged 18–64 years. Socio-demographic and behavioral risk factors, Physical anthropometric measurements, blood pressure, blood cholesterol and glucose levels were collected in 3 steps.

Results and Conclusion

The study showed alcohol consumption prevalence of 3 %. There was an association between drinking alcohol and residing in the locality. Also, the study showed an association between alcohol consumption and gender. However, the survey showed no association between alcohol consumption and age groups or marriage status. The study showed an association between alcohol consumption and systolic and diastolic blood pressure. However, there was no significant association between alcohol consumption and blood glucose and cholesterol levels. These data could be useful in the formulation and advocacy of NCD policy and action plans in Gezira.

Keywords: Prevalence, Alcohol, Consumption, Sudan

Pages: 373-378

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