E ISSN: 2583-049X

International Journal of Advanced Multidisciplinary Research and Studies

Volume 2, Issue 6, 2022

The Math of Rainfall and Snowfall and Scripture on Precipitation

Author(s): John H Jennings


Consider a rain cloud when it is near the dew point, at which droplets appear from the water vapor. In that situation, the equation this author previously derived for nucleation of a polymer in solution may be thought of as applying in reverse: water vapor becomes water droplets in the cloud. In this construct, the solution containing the polymer corresponds to the air phase with water vapor mixed with the constituents of the atmosphere, and the nucleated solvent corresponds to the pure water droplet. This paper explains the transformation of the polymer nucleation equation to apply to the cloud dew point situation just described. Since the author is unable to supply the unknowns that pertain to the rain-producing cloud (T, To, n2/n) in Equation (5), it is hoped that atmospheric chemists having access to proper data from altostratus and nimbostratus clouds will use the equation to better predict when clouds will nucleate. Actually, the author was able to eliminate n2/n to get Equation (9), which has all measurable quantities. It is hoped that a plane capable of cloud-seeding will be able to determine the appropriate clouds to seed by solving for To in Equation (9). When T is sufficiently near To, the cloud can be seeded. The author maintains that snowfall can be had from clouds through cloud-seeding. Snow and rain are mentioned in the Bible relating to God’s action and providence.

Keywords: Rainfall, Scripture, Precipitation, Nucleation Rate

Pages: 35-36

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